Boost critical success factors and increase traffic, conversion and loyalty
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+50% Webshop appeal

50% of all people say they find a webshop with 3D more appealing

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+30% Product understanding

Raise understanding of your products for 30% of your shoppers

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+50% Buying confidence

Increase the number of people that have the confidence to buy at your shop by 50%

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+40% Returning business

Get 40% of people to increase their likeliness to return to your shop for future purchases

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+200% Recommendations

Triple the likeliness that people will recommend your shop to their friends. Boost your NPS!

How it works
Give your shoppers a unique, interactive and engaging experience

Your products in 3D on your webshop

Here is what some real consumers shared with us after experiencing products in interactive 3D

"The 3D viewing was great to get a better feel for a product you are not physically seeing!"
"I like the 3D imaging. It gave me a better feel for the product and what it might be like in my hand."
"It adds visual interest for me! Static websites just aren't as appealing!"
"The 3D experience made all the difference!"
"The 3D made the product more real in my mind!"
Take a look at some examples

Are you still just using images?

Switch to awesome 3D on desktop and 360° on mobile

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What we do best
We develop our technology with the webshop in mind

Software for webshops require special care because every second counts.
While there is a lot of 3D software our there, we focus on the things that matter to you.

The best graphical quality
The first requirement for 3D to work in online retail is that it is able to realistically portray any product. This requires a technology that is able to make advanced graphics techniques work within the limitations of the average household PC.
The fastest 3D downloads
Load times are of critical importance to a webshop. With SmartStream3D™ we are able to reduce the download time of high quality 3D content to a minimum.
Download high quality 3D content in less than a second!
The best performance
Being fast is one thing, but it is no use if it cripples the rest of the webshop experience, when it uses too much computer power.
With SmartLoad3D™ we find the perfect balance between fast loading times and a smooth experience.
The best deal
We try to be smart about our technology and our production processes. That saves us a lot of trouble and a lot of time.
The benefits we pass on to you. And that means that you don't pay ridiculous prices for our content.
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Who we are

We are top quality nerds, geeks born and raised in the computer era - or - in other words: university grade computer graphics professionals and software engineers. Call us crazy, but our passion lies in the technology of 3D graphics and we want to unlock its potential for the masses. We want to create awesome and useful experiences with it.

And we're on a mission

It is our mission to help everybody get their hands on rich content when it comes to online shopping. Whether you're a brand who needs great content across all channels, a retailer that needs to integrate top quality point of sale material, or a consumer who is looking for the best possible product experience online. Binkies provides the solution that pushes the bounds of digital content services.

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A picture says more than a thousand words...
An interactive 3D viewer literally shows you more than a thousand pictures.